Sermon on the Mount Bible Study

Bible Study

This study of the Sermon on the Mount was written specifically for small groups, though it could certainly be adapted to fit other needs. It would be best for the teacher to use the comments, outlines, and discussion questions in these lessons as a way to carefully prepare the lesson beforehand. During the Bible study, teachers may want to have these notes on hand, but they are not intended for group participants.

While important theological concepts that arise in the text are expounded upon, the study is meant for church members of all maturity levels and ages. Adapt these lessons to fit the needs of those in your class.

This 9-week study will help you teach on this important subject of the Sermon on the Mount.

Lesson 1 Matthew 5:1–12
Lesson 2: Matthew 5:13–37
Lesson 3: Matthew 5:38–48
Lesson 4: Matthew 6:1–18
Lesson 5: Matthew 6:19–24
Lesson 6: Matthew 6:25–34
Lesson 7: Matthew 7:1–6
Lesson 8: Matthew 7:7–14
Lesson 9: Matthew 7:15–28

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