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two men talking

Biblical Apologetics Study

Studies in Practical Theology

Biblical Apologetics Small Group Study | Brad Anderson

All Christians should be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks for the reason for their hope in Jesus Christ. Of course, for some Christians this will be a very special ministry calling, but all Christians should be able to explain what they believe, why they believe it, why others should believe it, and why contradictory systems are inadequate.

Apologetics involves responding to any intellectual challenge to the Christian faith. This means that apologetics deals, first and foremost, with answering the outright denials of Christianity which are found in atheism and in other religions. But apologetics also deals with answering the distortions of Christianity, which are found primarily in the cults, as well as in some professing Christian groups within the Christian community itself. Thus, Christian apologetics must answer all challenges to the orthodox, biblical Christian faith — no matter who the challengers are.

This 12-week study will help you teach on this important subject of biblical apologetics.

Lesson 1 The Meaning and Purpose of Apologetics
Lesson 2: The Christian View of Knowledge
Lesson 3: An Accurate Gospel Presentation
Lesson 4: The Reliability of the Bible
Lesson 5: The Resurrection of Christ
Lesson 6: The Deity of Christ
Lesson 7: The Trinity
Lesson 8: Common Criticisms of the Bible
Lesson 9: The Problem of Evil—Weak Answers
Lesson 10: Biblical Solutions to the Problem of Evil
Lesson 11: Atheism and Agnosticism
Lesson 12: Rationalism and Pragmatism

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