Will You Help Us Establish a Seminary in Madagascar?


For many, they immediately think of the Disney film. What is portrayed in the film is the farthest thing from reality. First of all, the animals that you see on the film are actually not found on the island. Beyond the obvious disconnect of the nation from the film, it’s also extremely poor and stands in desperate need of healthy local churches.

In recent days, Dr. Josh Buice traveled to Madagascar to preach in a conference for pastors and church leaders. The goal was to educate and encourage local church leaders from across the nation. The conference was hosted by the 3M Ministry which is led by Faly Ravoahangy who not only grew up there in the capital city of Antananarivo, but after attending seminary at The Master’s Seminary now serves as a pastor. His heart is to provide a seminary where church leaders can be trained and equipped for the work of church planting and the strengthening of existing churches.

To give you an idea of the landscape, Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian ocean off the east coast of the African continent. The total population is 28 million. There are only a small number of sound biblical churches across the entire island. The average life expectancy for women is 59 and for men is 57. The need for faithful pastors to be trained is immense.

Under the direct oversight of Faly Ravoahangy and his team, a remodeling project is underway currently to establish a seminary that will faithfully train and equip men to preach the Scriptures and shepherd local churches. There are additional furnishings, equipment, and a new additional building that needs to be built. The goal is to have the remodel phase completed by May 2023 and the new building constructed as soon as possible for incoming students.

Due to the exchange rate of 1 to 4,000 from US to Madagascar currency, the entire project can be funded with only $125,000.

It is our prayer that over the next few weeks, the full $125,000 goal would be reached by the generous gifts through the G3 Church Network. This is a tremendous opportunity to invest money for foreign missions.

Over the next month, during our foreign missions giving focus, we would ask for all of the churches within the G3 Church Network and friends of G3 Ministries to contribute to the Madagascar Seminary Fund and help us reach this great goal for the work of training indigenous pastors in Madagascar.

You can find the giving options below:

Website: https://g3min.org/give/

G3 App: Open the app and select “Giving”

-> Select the Madagascar Seminary Fund in the dropdown menu

100% of all gifts given to this fund will be sent to Madagascar.

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