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Living Heritage

Rooted in truth. Cultivated in wonder. Growing in wisdom.

A Complete, Parent-Friendly, Family-Style K–12 Curriculum
to disciple your children in the glory and wonder of God!

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly homeschool all your children at the same time? Have you ever felt a tension between discipleship and academics? Have you ever wanted to read your children’s school books because they’re so engaging? Have you ever longed for a beautiful, simple, thorough, and theologically-sound curriculum that will not bow to the spirit of the age?

You’ve come to the right place!

We offer a family-style curriculum with family discipleship built-in and holiday-themed lessons built-in, all centered around beautiful, quality books that spark the imagination and reach the heart.

Choose between a yearly membership with open-and-go lessons, lots of extras, and support groups or a completely customizable lifetime access purchase.

Our mission is to pass down a biblical way of life and to guide students into a rightly-ordered relationship of love with God and the things of God—the True, the Good, and the Beautiful—through the best that has been written and created throughout time and to foster increasing humility, wonder, wisdom, and worship of God.

Meet the Curriculum Designer

Becky Aniol is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of four. She has an MA.Ed and a PhD, both in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Becky has consulted with homeschooling parents and Christian publishers for many years, and she regularly writes and speaks on educational philosophy and Christian discipleship, but her heart is for creating a beautiful, thorough education for her children so that they love to learn and hunger for more.

When Becky began to see curriculum after (Christian) curriculum veer from the path of passing on the full feast of the True, Good, and Beautiful in order to cater to postmodern and woke ideologies, insert ideology training courses, or add inferior books in order to meet some invisible quota, she decided it was time to take action. Her goal was to create a theologically rich, beautifully written, thorough and complete curriculum that teaches and reaches more than just the mind, but she also wanted to make something simple and straightforward for busy parents.

She firmly believes that parents, not “professionals,” are the best teachers of their children, have all the tools they need through well-written books by the best minds the world has ever known, and shouldn’t be made to feel overwhelmed by educational materials with steps, objectives, and tools designed to meet quotas and appear in quantitative reports to government education boards.

Becky’s desire is simply to help Christian parents disciple their children in Christlikeness, and find peace and joy in the journey, through providing an education that is rooted in the Truth of God’s Word, that is cultivated in the true knowledge that comes from wonder and love-relationship, and that is helping children grow in their understanding of what it means to walk in wisdom and become worshipers of God.

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