Statement In Response to Costi Hinn

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Recently, public statements were made by Costi Hinn on social media and through his podcast that made accusatory statements about G3 Ministries and Josh Buice, so we offer this statement of clarification.

G3 Ministries exists for the purpose of educating, encouraging, and equipping local churches for the glory of God with sound biblical truth. It is with that goal in mind for the sake of Christ’s name and the strengthening of local churches that we express our disapproval of Costi Hinn’s statements. We are saddened by recent comments made about G3 Ministries that were published without verifying any of the information with G3 leadership. 

Slanderous gossip such as this is beneath the dignity of a gospel minister. G3 Ministries has always stood firm on the truth of Scripture, calling out false teachers, and exercising careful diligence in who we platform and partner with in gospel ministry.

We are grateful for the meeting we had with Costi Hinn and for his willingness to admit sin and ask for forgiveness, which is conduct consistent with a minister of the gospel. He has demonstrated initial steps of repentance by removing specific posts and publications that contained slander and inaccurate statements. For that we are grateful. We have forgiven him for his statements that were made specifically about G3 Ministries and our leadership. 

May God continue to strengthen his people with wisdom and discernment during these increasingly complicated days.

G3 Ministries Executive Team

The statement by Costi Hinn is found below:

To Whom It May Concern, 

This statement comes from both personal and ministerial position. The purpose of this letter is aimed at addressing the accusations I made towards G3 Ministries. After meeting with my brothers from G3, along with church elders and For the Gospel leadership, it has become clear that I am wrong to involve G3 Ministries in accusations and inflammatory statements that center on a personal conflict between myself and another individual. Furthermore, it is always imperative to follow the biblical pattern in the midst of personal conflict with the central goal of restoration for the glory of God.

The G3 Ministries team are beloved brothers who have heard me, been gracious with me, and exercised restraint in this situation in ways that I cannot thank them enough for. We’ve agreed to both make statements to help mitigate confusion and maintain unity within the universal bride of Christ. I was blinded by personal frustrations and conflict, and thus, pursued justice rather than following the biblical pattern given to preserve unity, which is sinful. 

I have apologized to Josh Buice and the G3 Ministries team, and they have granted me forgiveness for the sin of presumption, and the sin of false accusation. This was short-sighted, and exposes in my heart a zeal that needs to be tempered in the midst of the culture war we ought to be fighting side-by-side. I ask that everyone who reads this forgive me for involving G3. I will pursue private course of action should further conflict arise. This is important for me to learn from because the name of Christ, His mission for us on earth, and the biblical pattern for pastors and church leaders calls for that. As for the next steps, I have spoken with my elders and the For the Gospel leadership team regarding the following course of action: 

  1. All posts from the culture war series have been removed. 
  2. I have apologized and asked for forgiveness from the G3 team. 
  3. I will trust the elders and leaders in my life more fully, looking to them in private counsel before making public statements or putting out resources. (Proverbs 11:14)
  4. I will consider the influence that God has given me, and use media platforms with wisdom and prudence, knowing that Twitter is not a place to flippantly engage in theological or methodological war. 
  5. I will take the next few weeks to pray, seek wise counsel, and put out further pastoral reflections on the For the Gospel blog as I continue to learn from this mistake. 
  6. I will place myself at the mercy of godly men who can direct me in whatever course of action they deem biblical, and best. 
  7. I will seek to now pattern my entire life after the meekness that Christ models, knowing that true strength is strength under control. 

I pray that in days and years ahead I can be a more humble, useful, and mature tool in the Master’s hand and will look back on this as a lesson in all the years the Lord may grant me. 

In Christ, 

Costi W. Hinn

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