The Family at Church

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In this book, Scott Brown helps parents navigate local church life through the ordinary means of grace in preaching, singing, praying, fellowship, and even in the hardships and trials.

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Parents are tour guides at the gates of everlasting joy.  Don’t miss the treasures. As a great tour guide, you need to help your children see the opportunities there. Help them experience the beautiful things God has in store for families who prioritize gathering with the redeemed in local churches. What is in store is better than what your children could gain from their sports or hobbies or camping.

Give your children 10,000 reasons to believe that Jesus Christ is the only Savior, and His Word is the sole authority.

Do it now. Do it through full engagement in local church life.

Local churches offer dozens of opportunities to orient your family around the knowledge of the graces of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The earlier you get going on this, the sweeter life will be. Now is the time to strengthen your family and your church.

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