Yes, It Matters: The Influence of the Doctrine of Election on Sanctification | Joshua B. Banks

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Have your ever considered the practical effects our view of election has on your walk with Christ?

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Many would relegate the doctrine of election to a non-issue or an issue that does not affect one’s salvation. It is true that a believer’s salvation is not dependent upon whether or not he or she embraces the Reformed or non-Reformed view, however, have we ever considered the practical effects our view of this doctrine has on our walk with Christ? Our view of election is determined by our view of God and man. If we view God rightly then the degree of our growth in sanctification increases, and the purpose of the writers of Scripture when this doctrine was taught was to promote an intended effect in their readers.

“Why should we believe in God’s unconditional election? First, because God has revealed it in his Word. Second, because God works through the doctrine of election to make his people like Christ. Joshua Banks has written a well-researched study that is rather unique because in it he argues for both the truth of the Reformed doctrine of election and its practical implications for worship, compassion, and evangelism. This is a model of academics done for the sake of the church.” —Joel R. Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“The biblical doctrine of election has been described as the Continental Divide of Christian theology because it profoundly impacts how we view ourselves and God. The resurgence of this doctrine in the last few decades has been heartening. However, one of the great deficiencies in this needed resurgence is the impact this glorious doctrine should have on the believer’s sanctification. In many soteriologically reformed circles, there has been an intellectual embrace of election, but a neglect of the lifechanging impact that should and necessarily follow this embrace upon our sanctification and personal holiness. If God’s work in election is powerful enough to save us, then it is also powerful enough to transform us. I am so grateful for Joshua Banks’ book, Yes, It Matters, because it not only provides a clear biblical defense of this essential doctrine, but also demonstrates how election must result in holy living to the glory of God. This book addresses one of the most glaring deficiencies that I and others have seen in Calvinistic circles, namely, a lack of sanctification. For this I am profoundly grateful and it is my absolute joy to commend Yes, It Matters to you. Do yourself a favor and read this important work.” —Justin Peters, founder of Justin Peters Ministries

“There are many theological paradigms to embrace. Josh’s book presents this important paradigm: “theology drives methodology which leads to doxology.” In other words, what you believe matters, even in matters of holy living and praise to the Father. Josh expertly guides the reader to the biblical fact that God elects and that election is tethered, practically, to holy living. What people love in themselves, namely the ability to chose (spouses, friends, employment, food, sports’ teams and more), they sometimes reject in God. Positively, since men and women are made in God’s image, it should not surprise us that men and women like to choose, because God is sovereign and He chooses, elects and ordains! I heartily endorse Josh’s work as he desires that the reader have a proper theology, methodology and ultimately doxology.” —Mike Abendroth, pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church and host of No Compromise Radio

“Joshua skillfully and in a detailed fashion takes the reader on a journey through a theologically biblical framework. Interacting with opposing views and competently showing their shortcomings, this book is an edifying addition alongside some of the greatest works from church history. Gaining an enhanced understanding of the deep connection between election and sanctification is the reward any reader will gain should they turn the pages of this book.” — Nicholas Farar, Reformed Sage

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