How Blest Is He Whose Trespass — Psalm 32

How Blest Is He Whose Trespass (Ps 32)

How blest is He whose trespass
hath freely been forgiv’n,
whose sin is wholly covered
before the sight of heav’n,
to whom the LORD in mercy
imputeth not his sin,
who hath a guileless spirit,
whose heart is true within.

While I kept guilty silence,
my strength was spent with grief;
Thy hand was heavy on me,
my soul found no relief;
but when I owned my trespass,
my sin hid not from Thee,
when I confessed transgression,
then Thou forgavest me.

So let the godly seek Thee
in times when Thou art near;
no whelming floods shall reach them,
nor cause their hearts to fear.
In Thee, O LORD, I hide me;
Thou savest me from ill,
and songs of Thy salvation
my heart with rapture thrill.

The Psalter, 1912

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