God Himself Is With Us

God Himself Is With Us

God Himself is with us;
let us now adore Him
and with awe appear before Him!
God is in His temple;
all within keep silence,
prostrate lie with deepest rev’rence.
Him alone God we own,
Him, our God and Savior;
praise His name forever!

God Himself is with us;
hear the harps resounding;
see the hosts the throne surrounding!
“Holy, holy, holy!”
Hear the hymn ascending,
songs of saints and angels blending.
Bow Your ear to us here:
hear, O Christ, the praises
that Your church now raises.

Light of light eternal,
all things penetrating,
for Your rays our soul is waiting.
As the tender flowers,
willingly unfolding,
to the sun their faces holding:
even so would we do,
light from You obtaining,
strength to serve You gaining.

Come, celestial Being,
make our hearts Your dwelling,
every carnal thought dispelling.
By Your Holy Spirit
sanctify us truly,
teaching us to love You only.
Where we go here below,
let us bow before You
and in truth adore You.

—Gerhard Tersteegen, 1729

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