Free Livestream of the G3 Regional Conference!


We are pleased to announce that Thursday and Friday, you can watch the livestream of the G3 Regional Conference in Washington DC—Just Thinking About the Bible!

View the livestream below. The schedule is printed beneath the video.

Thursday – September 15th
10:00 am —Session 1: Josh Buice – The Church and the Sufficiency of Scripture
11:15 am —Session 2: Scott Aniol – The More Sure Word
4:00pm —Session 3: Speaker Q&A – Lawson, Aniol, Buice, Harrison, Walker, White
5:20pm —Session 4: Steven Lawson – The Invincible Weapon of God’s Word

Friday – September 16th
10:00 am —Session 5: Virgil Walker – The Culture and the Sufficiency of Scripture
11:15 am —Session 6: James White – Making Sense of Manuscripts
4:00 pm —Session 7: Darrell Harrison – Theistic Amorism
5:20 pm —Session 8: Steven Lawson – What Does Jesus Believe about the Bible?

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