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May 31 – June 1, 2024 Douglasville, Georgia
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G3 Women’s Expository Teaching Workshop

Women Only


The goal of the Women’s Expository Teaching Workshops is to teach women how to read, understand, and correctly interpret the Bible. This workshop takes you through the important principles that must be followed in order to interpret and understand God’s word correctly. The format of these workshops will be the same as that of the workshops for men, but they are designed to help the women fulfill their unique callings in 2 Timothy 1:5 and Titus 2:3-5.

Who should come to the workshop? 

This workshop is for every woman who desires to grow in her knowledge and understanding of Biblical hermeneutics. Whether you are a single woman, a mom, or a teacher of women and are looking to sharpen your understanding of scripture, the ultimate desire for each participant is to make progress, regardless of where they are in the journey.

What must I do to prepare? 

Each participant will be assigned two biblical passages prior to the workshop. You will use the G3 exegetical worksheet to prepare so that you may present your work to your small group and discuss it to help one another progress. There will usually be two individuals presenting in each passage.

What should I expect?

The workshops are not a conference and thus will be open to a limited number of women. They are designed around three components: instruction in foundational principles, small groups, and model teaching. The small groups are where participants will work together to put these foundational principles into practice and share feedback.


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