A few years ago, Justin Peters led a session on the spiritual and biblical errors of the Word of Faith movement.  You will find this session helpful.

Descartes and the Anatomy of Doubt — “Spiritus sanctus non est skepticus—’The Holy Spirit is not a skeptic.’ So Luther rebuked Erasmus of Rotterdam for his expressed disdain for making sure assertions. Luther roared, ‘The making of assertions is the very mark of the Christian. Take away assertions and you take away Christianity. Away now, with the skeptics!'”

Justification — John Samson over at Reformation Theology posted Dr. Steven Lawson’s sermons from the 2017 G3 Conference.  Take time to watch / listen.

Practice Your Devotion — “Men, If you are going to run to win, you need to practice your devotion.”

Why the US Military Wants Fewer Generic Christians — “The general categories of “Protestant, no denominational preference” and “Protestant, other churches” have been removed from the Department of Defense (DoD) list of recognized religions as the US military seeks out more detailed designations for its 1.3 million service members.”

Isaiah 43:6–7: Do You Know Why You Were Made? — “We can’t live meaningful lives if we don’t know why we were created. If we think God merely made us to be wealthy, healthy, and happy, we don’t know why he made us.”

Seattle Reboot: Life After Mars Hill — An interesting read about life after the collapse of Mars Hill under Mark Driscoll.

Book Review: Pastoral Preaching, by Conrad Mbewe — Alex Duke at 9Marks reviews Conrad Mbewe’s new book on pastoral preaching.

INTERVIEW:  Please Stop Giving Bad Invitations — I was recently interviewed on the Drop the Mic podcast about the abuse and manipulation techniques of many in the evangelical church.

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Author DBG Spotlight (5-31-17)

Josh Buice

Pastor Pray's Mill Baptist Church

Josh Buice is the founder and president of G3 Ministries and serves as the pastor of Pray's Mill Baptist Church on the westside of Atlanta. He is married to Kari and they have four children, Karis, John Mark, Kalli, and Judson. Additionally, he serves as Assistant Professor of Preaching at Grace Bible Theological Seminary. He enjoys theology, preaching, church history, and has a firm commitment to the local church. He also enjoys many sports and the outdoors, including long distance running and high country hunting. He has been writing on Delivered by Grace since he was in seminary and it has expanded with a large readership through the years.