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Becky Aniol

reformation day

October 31st is Reformation Day, and in our home and homeschool, we take the week leading up to Reformation Day (and sometimes the whole month of October) to remember the men and women of the 16th-century who brought light out of darkness and, in some cases, gave their lives for the sake of Scripture and the glory of God.

Here is a list of books I recommend for learning about the Reformers with children and young people. You don’t need to go out and buy all of these, but they’re all good titles. I have divided these by general age range to help you find books to fit your family.

Picture Book for Toddler To Early Elementary

Reformation ABCs by Stephen J. Nichols

Picture Books for Early to Mid-Elementary

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray by R. C. Sproul (about Luther)

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier

Martin Luther by Simonetta Carr

John Calvin by Simonetta Carr

John Knox by Simonetta Carr

Peter Martyr Vermigli by Simonetta Carr

Julia Gonzaga by Simonetta Carr

Katharine von Bora: The Morning Star of Wittenberg by Jenna and Shanna Strackbein

Reformation Heroes by Diana Kleyn and Joel R. Beeke

Chapter Books for Mid-Elementary to Junior High

Morning Star of the Reformation by Andy Thomson (about Wycliffe)

The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day Scott O’Dell (about Tyndale)

The Bible Smuggler by Louise A. Vernon (about Tyndale)

The Beggar’s Bible by Louise A. Vernon (about Wycliffe)

Thunderstorm in Church by Louise A. Vernon (about Luther)

Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation by Douglas Bond

Chapter Books for Upper Elementary to High School

The Sword of the Spirit: A Story of William Tyndale by Joyce McPherson

The River of Grace: A Story of John Calvin by Joyce McPherson

When Lightning Struck!: The Story of Martin Luther by Danika Cooley

Heralds of the Reformation: Thirty Biographies of Sheer Grace by Richard M. Hannula

Stories of the Reformation in Germany and England for Young People by Rev. B. G. Johns

Chapter Books for High School

For God and His People: Ulrich Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation by Jean Henri Merle D’Aubigne

The Triumph of Truth: A Life of Martin Luther by Jean Henri Merle D’Aubigne

The Daring Mission of William Tyndale by Steven J. Lawson

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox by Douglas Bond

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Becky Aniol

Becky Aniol is a wife, keeper of the home, and mother of four children aged 3–15, whom she homeschools. She has a PhD in Christian education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Becky writes and speaks at conferences on education, discipleship, and the Christian imagination and leads expository women's Bible studies in her local church. Her desire is to equip women with tools for discipleship-parenting and personal growth in Christlikeness.