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Scott Aniol

Scott Aniol, PhD, is Executive Vice President
and Editor-in-Chief of G3 Ministries.
You can listen to his podcast here.

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The Law of the Lord

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Why trying to emulate Edwards may actually be emulating Finney

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Start your Family Worship in the New Year with a Bible Narratives Reading Plan

Scott Aniol

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

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Coming Hope

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Which advent is in view in “Joy to the World”?

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Advent Hymns

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When are the Twelve Days of Christmas?

Scott Aniol
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New Bible Study Curriculum: Worship

Scott Aniol
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Draw Near

Scott Aniol
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Mission: Make Worshipers

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People of the Book


By the Waters of Babylon

Scott Aniol

Thrilled to be Joining the G3 Team

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Is Culture the Same as Ethnicity

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Gospel Renewal in Corporate Worship

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