Behold Your God

One of the greatest needs that people in the church struggle through is their knowledge of God.  Many people spend tireless hours walking through Christian book stores in search of the best book that will lead them to the formula of knowing God.  It was A.W. Tozer who once said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”  If he was correct in his assessment, the desire to know God is a worthy pursuit, but where must one begin in this monumental task?

As we consider the pursuit of knowing God, it would be best to start with His attributes.  How can a Christian claim to know God when they know very little about His character?  For instance, I know many athletes because I watch them play football on the television.  However, just because I watch them run or throw a football does not mean that I truly know them.  I may know their name or I may have some knowledge about how they play the game, but on an intimate or personal level I really don’t know them at all.  Isn’t that often how we approach God.  We know His name and some of His actions by hearing the weekly preaching in our church gatherings, but the real question is – do we know God?  Have we been guilty of manufacturing a god that is suitable to us?  For instance, our secular society is perfectly fine with the little baby Jesus on the Christmas cards and in the shopping malls, but they have little idea of who this Jesus really is, what He said, and the claims that he made publicly.  Have we become guilty of that same attitude toward God?

It is my privilege to point you to a great tool in your desire to know God.  A study titled, Behold Your God is a 12-week study on the attributes of God.  The study has a set of DVD lectures, biographies, and commentaries from men such as Paul Washer, Conrad Mbewe, and Richard Owen Roberts.  The study is compiled and led by Dr. John Snyder who is the founding pastor of Christ Church in New Albany, Mississippi.  The study consists of the DVD material for viewing designed for use in conjunction with a workbook for each student.  The workbook is broken into 12-weeks and focuses on one attribute per week.  This approach allows the study to remain organized, focused, and leaves the student with a profound sense of who God is along with His divine attributes.  The workbook is also laced with great quotes from theologians and preachers from modern and historical church history.  While I point out the contribution of these voices of church history, I want to emphasize the use of Scripture as the guide to knowing God.  This study doesn’t seek to study God apart from His Word.  On the contrary, this is a Bible study that seeks to unpack the divine nature and character of God from His special revelation of sacred Scripture.  It is not enough to know about God!  We must seek to know God.  

If you have a small group, Sunday school, women’s or men’s ministry in your church – this study would be a great resource to consider.

Currently – Behold Your God is being offered at a discounted rate (December 3-31).  You can purchase it here.

Additionally, If you are planning to join us for the 2014 G3 Conference in January, Behold Your God will be on campus as one of our conference partners.  You can speak to one of their representatives and place orders during the conference.

J.C. Ryle stated, “Beware of manufacturing a God of your own; a God who is all mercy, but not just…Such a God is an idol of your own.”

 Dr. Josh Buice
G3 Conference

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