Conference 2019 The Mission of God

Main Session: 1

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Josh Buice

Main Session: 2

Isaiah 6 and the Holiness of God as Motivation for Missions

Tim Challies

Main Session: 3

Mainstream Missionaries

David Miller

Main Session: 4

Missions and the Suffering Church

David Platt

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers Session

Questions & Answers

Main Session: 5

The Great Commission Through Church Planting

Mark Dever

Main Session: 6

The Battle Cry of Hedonism

John Piper

Main Session: 7

The Danger of Contextualization in the Work of Missions

Phil Johnson

Main Session: 8

Loving Muslims as a Prerequisite to Missions Overseas or at Home

James White

Main Session: 9

One Way—The Necessity of Missions

Mark Dever

Main Session: 10

Missions—Spreading the Aroma of Christ

Conrad Mbewe

Main Session: 11

The Missionary Character of the Abrahamic Covenant

Voddie Baucham

Main Session: 12

Missions: Defining Terms

Paul Washer

Main Session: 13

The Sovereign Election of God and Missions

Steven Lawson

Main Session: 14

Missions—Building Healthy New Churches

Conrad Mbewe

Main Session: 15

Mission Accomplished

Voddie Baucham

Main Session: 16

The Apostolic Preaching of the Gospel and Missions

Steven Lawson

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