Conference 2018 Knowing God

Main Session: 1

The Local Church Is Ground-Zero for Discipleship

Josh Buice

Main Session: 2

Discipleship in Diversity

Tim Challies

Main Session: 3


David Miller

Main Session: 4


Paul Tripp

Main Session: 5

The Heart of Discipleship

Voddie Baucham

Q&A: 01

Questions & Answers: Session 1

Questions & Answers

Special Session

James White and Michael Kruger on the Biblical Canon

Michael Kruger

Main Session: 6

It Takes a Disciple to Parent a Disciple

Paul Tripp

Main Session: 7

Unchanging? Dealing with Texts and Translations of the Bible in the Modern World

James White

Main Session: 8

Your Mind Matters

Derek Thomas

Main Session: 9

Making Disciple-Making Disciples

Voddie Baucham

Main Session: 10

Show Me Your Glory!

Steven Lawson

Q&A: 02

Questions and Answers: Session 2

Questions & Answers

Main Session: 11

The Fear of the Lord in Christian Discipleship

Tom Ascol

Main Session: 12

Christ’s Calls to Discipleship — “Come”; “Follow”; “Learn”; “Obey”; “Serve”

Phil Johnson

Main Session: 13

High Theology Produces High Doxology

Steven Lawson

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