Conference 2016 The Trinity

Main Session: 02

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Tim Challies

Main Session: 03

The Everlasting Covenant is a Trinitarian Plan

David Miller

Main Session: 04

The Preacher’s Dependency Upon the Holy Spirit

H.B. Charles Jr.

Main Session: 05

The Roles Among the Trinity

Bruce Ware

Main Session: 06

The Trinity and the Qur’an: The Key Apologetic Conflict

James White

Main Session: 07

The Resurrection of Christ was a Trinitarian Event

H.B. Charles Jr.

Main Session: 08

The Trinity in Salvation

Steven Lawson

Main Session: 09

The Defining Christian Confession: The Trinity

James White

Main Session: 10

Beholding the Trinity in Worship

Bruce Ware

Main Session: 11

The Trinity in Sanctification

Steven Lawson

Optional Session: 01

The Trinity and Synergistic Sanctification

Anthony Mathenia

Optional Session: 02

The New Apostolic Reformation, Jesus Culture and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Todd Friel

Q & A: 01

Q & A Panel Discussion