Conference 2013 The Gospel: Message and Mission

Main Session: 01

Jesus Prays For His Followers

David Miller

Main Session: 02

Why Preach the Intolerant Message of the Exclusive Gospel?

Steven Lawson

Main Session: 03

Mission in a Changing World

Tim Challies

Main Session: 04

The Preaching of John Calvin and What We Can Learn

Steven Lawson

Main Session: 05

What Really Is The Gospel?

Joel Beeke

Main Session: 06

Getting The Gospel Right

Voddie Baucham

Main Session: 07

Penal Substitutionary Atonement – The Pinnacle of God’s Saving Plan

Paul Washer

Main Session: 08

When God Turned His Back on His Son

Don Whitney

Main Session: 09

The Importance of Prayer for Christian Ministry and Mission

Paul Washer

Q & A: 01

Questions & Answers Session

David Miller Joel Beeke Paul Washer Steven Lawson Tim Challies Trevin Wax Voddie Baucham